• Some user-stories which describe how the application behaves:

    First application start
    Application is started by executing a JAR-File manually or with Operation Systems Autostart function. When the application is started the first time it shows the Setup-Dialog so that the user can enter the required data for the server communication. After he proceeded the startup continues as described in “Starting application”

    Starting application
    After starting the application the main window shows up with restored application setting (if any). The user has the following options 1) Select/Change current Task, 2) Synchronize/Update, 3) Start Tracking, 4) Quick-Submit a Tasklog, 5) View History, 6) Open Setup-Dialog, 7) Close Application.

    DPDesktop is synchronized with the coherent dotProject installation either automatically or manually forcing it by clicking the update button. On failure an error message is shown to the user.

    Select current task
    The user can choose one if his tasks with a select box in the Main-Window. The select box only renders relevant/accessible Tasks, sorted hiraric alphabetically . While tasks are grouped by projects, projects itself are grouped by companies. A text field provides a filter for the tasks. Having selected a task the user is able to start time tracking.

    Time tracking
    As soon as time tracking is enabled the user has the options to start, pause and stop the tracking - this can be done in the main window or in the context menu of the tray icon. If the user stops working on the computer, time tracking will be paused automatically after a specific time. Once the time tracker was started, the opportunities to add a comment or to submit a task log are offered

    Add tracking comments
    The user can make notes concerning her/his tracking process within a text box, provided by the main window.

    Submit task log
    If the user clicks the submit button in the main window the submit dialog is opened, there she/he can submit a task log to the underlying dotProject. The dialog also provides the option to cancel the submit. The task log includes a title, a comment (taken from what the users noted before), the duration (tracked time) and the date (which is calculated automatically). The user can also modify the data before it is submitted, especially the tracked time can be modified - in this case a fixed step-size of XX minuted is predefined. As soon as she/he confirms the dialog the coherent data is transmitted to dotProject. On failure an error message is shown to the user. On success tracker is reset and the history is updated.

    Change current task
    If the current Task is changed during an active tracking process the submit dialog is opened so that the user can finalize the Tracking. In this case the dialog offers the normal submit options, additionally the opportunity to switch without submit and without resetting the time is offered .

    View history
    The main window holds a list of the last XX task logs. On double click the current task is changed to the clicked task.

    Setup dialog
    In the setup dialog the user must define the dotProject-URL, as well as her/his username and password. He can also adjust a) Step-size which is used for the Duration of a Task (default is 15), b) Automatically synchronize with the dotProject installation, c) Enable/Disable the version notification service. This settings are stored locally. Whereas only the password hash is saved.

    Close application
    Closing the application, the user will be reminded to submit the current tracking, if any is selected - On refuse the tracked time is cached locally. Additionally the current application settings are stored locally. e.g window size, pane folding.