• This Tutorial works fine with DPDesktop 0.70, 0.40

    DPDesktop offers the possibility to distinguish between working time and billable time. So if the billable time feature is enabled, DPDesktop will provide a extra field for billable time in the submit dialogs.

    All you need to do is:

    1. Get the sql patch, which is in the DPDesktop-patch package
    2. Apply the sql patch to your database. If you use mysql, the following would be one way to apply the patch. Just change to the directory where you extracted the download package.
      $ mysql database -u username < sql/dotproject.sql
    3. The DPDesktop patch files for dotProject will check themselves whether the sql patch was applied and therefore will enable the feature in every client, connected to this server. Each user just needs to press the “Update” button in her/his client. If you want to disable this feature you either have to delete the field “my_task_log_billable_hours”  in the table “task_log” or you disable it directly inside the code.