• 25Nov

    Hello community,

    I just want you to know that a new version of DPDesktop has been released :)

    Some changes to be mentioned:

    • Improved robustness
    • Improved https support
    • French and Spanish localization (Thanks to LePoulpe303 and Javier)
    • Multiple remote place support
    • Included web2project support into the DPDesktop-Service-Package

    Just download the new client. You can test the complete programm with a test environment, located on this server. :)

    Although it has not been tested, the new Client(0.70) should work with the previous service-package(0.40). I recommend to use the new service-package.

    Posted by Heiner @ 6:57 pm

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  • Adriaan Says:

    I have been thinking of developing a similar kind of tool and have some ideas on features and functionality.
    Do you have a forum or place where one could submit feature requests?
    Also - how do I contribute to the project?

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