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    Within the latest DPDesktop revision we’ve out of the box support for web2project too. web2project is a dotProject fork since 2008 and there are some additional improvements compared to dotProject. The product adapters for dotProject and web2Project are maintained separately but they’ll be available within the same release of the server-packages soon.

    The setup and configuration is very similar to the setup for dotProject. Unfortunately we’ve no auto-detection for the context of or service-scripts yet, therefore you’ve to modify the config.php and switch the used product adapters from dotProject to web2Project. You’ll find details about the setup of a DPDesktop-Tracking environment within the Doc-pages.

    You’ll find details about web2project on www.web2project.net

    Posted by Tolleiv @ 7:55 pm

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  • Ben Russo Says:

    Thank you very much for such a great open source tool.
    You have obviously worked hard to make a clean and elegant package!

    I tried it with the test login from my desktop and it works fine.
    I downloaded the dpdesktop-0.40 patch service package for dotproject-2.1.2 and I can connect to my own personal dotproject server.

    However I have come across two issues.

    The first issue is that all my organizations users authenticate to DotProject using LDAP, and the DPDesktop client seems to only use the “local” password, which would confuse the heck out of my user base since they don’t know what their “local” password is on the server. Everything we have uses centralized LDAP authentication.

    The second issue is that after connecting with my user ID and “Updating” successfully, their are no TASKS available, and the search bar has no content at all. (can’t even type in it).

    I know that I have active assigned tasks for my user ID.
    When I login to the web interface of my dotproject server I see my tasks and there are a lot of them.

    There are no apache error log messages?

  • Software companies Says:

    Quite inspiring,
    Great support preject,

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